Katti donates over a million dollars to Walvis Bay community

11 May 2017 16:30pm
WALVIS BAY, 11 MAY (NAMPA) – Walvis Bay businessman, Knowledge Katti on Thursday donated N.dollars 1 150 000 to residents of Kuisebmond and Narraville.
The donation was made through the Knowledge Katti Foundation.
In a speech read on his behalf, Katti said he believes that poverty can be eradicated if people work together, and called on the business community to partner and finance poverty alleviation projects.
“People in Walvis Bay lose property in shack fires every year, but nobody acts on time to help them. Let us act and assist hastily as we do when Government tenders are announced,” said Katti.
At the occasion, Charlie Dawid from the foundation noted that the money will be put into a revolving fund, where the community can borrow from to buy equipment and start their businesses.
The fund will also assist the elderly to pay their water accounts in arrears and meet other needs that may arise.
Dawid said repaying the loans will not be dealt with as banks do.
“The request is that when you borrow money, pay back but with your time; nobody will tell you how much to pay over what time as long as you pay,” said Dawid.
A detailed selection criteria will be announced next week, after which community members can apply to access the funds.
One of Katti’s dreams is that every house in Walvis Bay should have running water.
“So we will try to pay half of the owed amounts for water to be opened while we see how to settle the bills,” said Dawid.
Daniel Imbili, a council member from the Evangelical Lutheran Church in Namibia (Elcin), announced at the event that 10 churches in Walvis Bay received N.dollars 150 000 last week from the same foundation.
He said the churches were given freedom to use the money as they wish, as long as their operations are improved and they take care of the needy.
The beneficiaries include Elcin, Angelican, Roman Catholic, Hosiana Parish and Baptist churches.
“We hope other business people follow suit because we need to help our elders and community. Government alone cannot alleviate poverty,” Imbili said.
Walvis Bay Mayor, Immanuel Wilfred said he is glad to see Katti ploughing back into the community he came from.
“I urge the community to make good use of this opportunity to better themselves.”