Water remains a crisis in Kunene

09 May 2017 17:00pm
By Uerikoha Tjijombo
OPUWO, 09 MAY (NAMPA) – Potable water remains a challenge in some parts of the Kunene Region, where some people walk over 6 kilometres for access to the natural resource.
“Imagine, some homesteads don’t have youngsters to assist elders who can’t make it to these wells to get water,” a worried Opuwo Rural Constituency Councillor, Kazeongere Tjeundo told Nampa in a telephonic interview last week.
He said they have reported the issue to the department of rural water supply but nothing has been done to date.
One affected village is Okatumbakoviposa, where the water pump was washed away by rain in February last year.
Other villages experiencing similar problems are Oukongo and Okangwati in the Epupa Constituency.
Tjitumuzuva Mbinge of Oukongo told Nampa recently they have been experiencing lack of water for the past six years.
Mbinge said they have approached constituency councillor, Nguzu Muharukua a couple of times but nothing has been done to date.
On his part, Muharukua acknowledged there is a water crisis at Oukongo.
He said there are three boreholes situated in the area of Oukongo, and the response from the rural water supply department was that they couldn’t drill another borehole.
“This is why I advised the community to consult the management of the Otjisokotjongava Agricultural Centre and make the necessary arrangements for water supply to the needy and if they don't reach a consensus, to report to me and I take it further,” the councillor said.
Okangwati, the constituency capital of Epupa, has been struggling with the same problem for the past 30 years and residents are forced to consume dirty water from a well. The only borehole in the area contains salty water, unfit for humans and animals.
However, efforts are underway to drill water from the Ohamaremba village to Okangwati to ease the current water problem.
Ohamaremba is situated about 7 kilometres south of Okangwati.
Muharukua said the constituency office informed him that the borehole drillers are on site at Ohamaremba and may start any time soon.
He said N.dollars 1.7 million was allocated for the entire project of drilling and getting the water to Okangwati.
Chief Control Officer (CCO) of the Epupa Constituency, Tjikunda Kulunga said lack of water is delaying development in this constituency.
“If we had enough water in Okangwati the number of investors would have been rising as we are strategically located between Opuwo and Epupa Water Falls,” Kulunga said.
Head of the Department of Rural Water supply in the Ministry of Agriculture, Water and Forestry in Kunene, Kapukatua Kuvare told Nampa that efforts are underway to drill boreholes for villages experiencing a water crisis in the entire region.