Supporting Geingob is //Garoeb's personal opinion, not UDF's

23 Oct 2013 10:40am
OPUWO, 23 OCT (NAMPA) – The United Democratic Front (UDF)’s Secretary-General Dudu Murorua says the call by UDF president Justus //Garoeb for his party’s members to support the Swapo-Party’s vice-president, Dr Hage Geingob during the 2014 presidential elections is not a party decision.
Murorua told Nampa here on Tuesday evening that he received several calls from different UDF members trying to find out what was going on within the party, and what had prompted the statement by //Garoeb.
The Namibian Sun reported last week that //Garoeb, who is also the Damara paramount chief, urged his subjects and political followers to vote for Geingob in next year's presidential elections.
//Garoeb was quoted as saying that his party took the decision to support Geingob, because the Swapo vice-president is a Damara.
//Garoeb, who has been Damara chief since 1982 and UDF president since 1989, allegedly also urged all speakers of the Damara language to rally behind Geingob, saying the country's largest tribe - the Ovambo - have led the country for too long.
“The call by //Garoeb for all members of the UDF to support Geingob is a personal opinion, and not a party decision,” stressed Murorua.
He said he is unaware of any decision taken on the matter by any of his party’s higher structures.
Murorua noted that he respects //Garoeb, who announced recently that he will step down as UDF president after their congress at the end of November this year.
“This issue needs to be discussed at all levels of the party’s structures, and all members need to be convinced why all members have to support Geingob during the upcoming presidential elections,” he explained.
Murorua further felt that the right order of discussing the issue of supporting Geingob for president would be at the executive committee level first, and then at the central committee level before ordinary members of the party are informed.
Only then could the media be informed.
Murorua thus urged all UDF members to remain calm and wait for the party to pronounce itself on the issue, and to continue the party’s business as usual.
Meanwhile, the upcoming congress of the UDF is set to see UDF Member of Parliament Samuel Tjongarero and former councillor of the Daures Constituency, Apius Auchab competing for the UDF presidency.