Shack Dwellers Otjiwarongo to build 60 houses

09 May 2017 07:30am
OTJIWARONGO, 09 MAY (NAMPA) - Members of the Shack Dwellers Federation of Namibia (SDFN) at Otjiwarongo are clearing a piece of land where they intend to build more than 60 brick houses this year.
Chairperson of the federation at Otjiwarongo, Erenst Muraranganda told Nampa on Monday members two weeks ago started clearing the land in Orwetoveni Extension Nine.
“The clearing will be completed in June and we will then start servicing the land by laying down water and sewage pipelines and build houses on it ourselves for our members.”
Muraranganda said the Otjiwarongo branch of the federation acquired the land unserviced from the Otjiwarongo Municipality in January.
The area, situated southwest of the Tsaraxa-Aibes Combined School, has been surveyed and a total of 65 residential plots measuring between 345 and 600 square metres were identified.
The Otjiwarongo branch of the federation was founded in 2011 and has more than 200 members, the majority of whom are women. Ten of the members are physically challenged.
Muraranganda said the SDFN is determined to provide decent and affordable houses to all Namibians without discriminating.
“All that is needed to become a member is commitment and a once-off contribution fee of N.dollars 800.”
Muraranganda said members of the federation manufacture bricks themselves and use contractors amongst themselves to build the houses.
The 65 beneficiaries of the houses to be constructed on this piece of land will receive a one-bedroom house with a lounge, kitchen and bathroom.
Secretary of the Otjiwarongo branch, Christa Jeomba on Monday thanked the Otjiwarongo Chief Executive Officer (CEO) Ismael /Howoseb for allocating the land to them.
“I would like also to call on the CEO to expect us in 2018. We need more residential plots, including unserviced land as we can develop it ourselves,” said Jeomba.