Etanga Village In Desperate Water Need

25 May 2013 10:10

ETANGA, 25 MAY (NAMPA) ? The old hand-dug wells at Etanga village in the Kunene Region have dried up as yet another consequence of this year?s severe drought conditions, forcing the poor communities here deeper into desperation and hopelessness.
The people of Etanga village, which is situated about 100 kilometres west of Opuwo, are now having to pay money to obtain water from the only functional government borehole at the village. They pay N.dollars 2 for a 20-litre container of water.
According to Uasekisa Tjambiru, the caretaker of that government borehole, the money is collected for the water point committee and it is used for the maintenance of the water point.
Tjambiru told Nampa on Thursday that the two wells from which the community collected water for their livestock and own consumption dried up in February this year because there was very little rain received in the area.
?This borehole does not have enough water underground. It does not even manage to fill up a 5 000-litre tank the whole day,? said Tjambiru.
The only other water point in the area is about five kilometres away from Etanga, making it difficult for residents of this village to collect water from there.
Helvey Shikongo, a resident of Etanga, told Nampa that there is no other option for them rather than paying for the water, as it was just too far for her to go and fetch water from any other water point.
Etanga village is also expecting to be one of the beneficiaries from the government?s 46 drought relief boreholes that are being drilled in the Kunene Region currently.
Tjambiru told Nampa that three sites have been identified at Etanga for the drilling of new boreholes.