Eenhana Town Council cuts its budget

07 May 2017 12:20pm
ONGWEDIVA, 07 MAY (NAMPA) – The Eenhana Town Council last Tuesday presented its proposed 2017/18 budget worth N.dollars 89.2 million.
In a media statement availed to Nampa at the weekend, council spokesperson Paulo Shilongo indicated that Eenhana’s capital expenditure has decreased by more than 43 per cent due to the economic downturn.
Although the budget focuses on housing and land for the poor, the town’s mayor Amos Nangolo stated in his budget presentation that about 35 per cent of the budget goes to operational expenditure.
“We have made considerable progress in many spheres, thanks to the proactive socio-economic development policies that were implemented,” Nangolo pointed out.
He noted that achievements by the town council include consistent investment in housing and basic municipal services and the servicing of Ekolola settlement in order to accommodate low income earners.
Reception areas have also been created at Ekolola to accommodate landless residents that are being relocated from the town’s Ombili informal settlement.
Relocation and compensation of several homesteads to make way for development, construction of the storm water channels and hosting of the 10th business show later this year are also among the achievements.
“We have registered over 2 500 informal corrugated structures at Ombili squatter settlement north of the town, where some of our residents decided to go and settle without the permission of the council,” he said.
According to Nangolo, the town council has decided to create a reception area to relocate illegal squatters, and the process to have them allocated their own plots has already kick started.