!Naruseb urges contractors to consult local communities

04 May 2017 10:50am
OKATANA, 04 MAY (NAMPA) – Minister of Works and Transport, Alpheus !Naruseb has urged contractors to consult community members in areas where construction takes place for their projects to be successful.
!Naruseb made these remarks in an interview with Nampa on Tuesday during a visit to the Omusati and Oshana regions to assess roads damaged by floods.
“We must benefit from local information before building any sort of infrastructure so that it does not fall victim to any of the natural disasters we experience in our country,” the minister said.
!Naruseb, accompanied by a delegation from the Roads Authority (RA), viewed the road between Okatana and Onamutayi in Oshana as well as several roads in Omusati.
He also inspected the Elim-Onamutuku road, which was completely washed away by floods.
Most of these areas are still under water and repair work can only be done once the water subsides.
RA Chief Executive Officer Conrad Lutombi noted that standing water is a challenge for the authority as it means delays in repairs and this affects traffic movement in the affected regions.
“We have availed alternative routes for drivers to use during this period, but having only one road causes congestion.”
Asked if poor workmanship is responsible for the extensive damage to the roads as most are less than 10 years old, Lutombi dismissed the idea.
“There is also a very huge impact from the dike as it has so many openings, while the Okatana Bridge is unable to accommodate water which channels to other areas,” he added, emphasising the need to upgrade the drainage structure in order to prevent similar incidents in future.
The CEO noted that the construction of other roads is going well, while completion is expected in July on the Omuntele-Uushona, Oshakati-Ongenga and Etomba to Omundaungilo roads in Oshana and Ohangwena respectively.
Work on the Oshakati-Omuthiya dual carriageway has also commenced. The designs and layout have already been completed for the section of the road up to Onethindi in the Oshikoto Region.
The minister and his delegation also visited the Zambezi Region to assess damaged roads there.