Otjiwarongo Municipality budget geared towards development

03 May 2017 17:20pm
OTJIWARONGO, 03 MAY (NAMPA) - The Otjiwarongo Municipality on Wednesday tabled its 2017/2018 capital and expenditure budget of more than N.dollars 100 million during an extra-ordinary council meeting.
Chairperson of the Otjiwarongo Town Council Management Committee, Hilda Jesaja tabled the total budget of N.dollars 104,2 million. The local authority councillors unanimously approved it in the presence of Mayor Bennes Haimbondi.
Jesaja said extensive deliberations on the budget were done by the management committee in consultations with top officials from the town’s municipality before its tabling.
She said the budget is aimed at providing growth and facilitating the increase of industries in the town to ultimately reduce unemployment here.
“As a council, we have done our part and the doors are now open to developers across the region to come to Otjiwarongo.”
Jesaja said the capital budget of N.dollars 20,3 million was agreed to be spent on projects including the construction of a volleyball court at the Paresis sports stadium; upgrading of public parks and resorts around town; and resealing of about 14 kilometres of tarred road in Otjiwarongo.
The money will also be spent on the maintenance of public toilets and upgrading of pavements along the Rukumbi Kandanga Street and Orwetoveni residential area.
During this financial year the municipality plans to increase the height of the concrete walls around the Orwetoveni cemetery to 400 metres (m) from 200m, and upgrade the water reticulation valves and extend the water reticulation systems to the informal settlements.
Other project for this financial year include fencing the dumpsite and sewage ponds.
Jeseja said more than N.dollars 52 million is budgeted to cover the salaries of employees, including seven local authority councillors, and daily subsistence allowances of staff members.
The tabled budget will be forwarded to the Minister of Urban and Rural Development Sophia Shaningwa for final approval, together with the council resolution supporting the tabled budget.