Omaruru organising settlements

02 May 2017 14:50pm
OMARURU, 02 MAY (NAMPA) – Omaruru is gearing up to make home ownership a reality for residents who had been living in informal settlements for decades, with re-alignment of their houses to the town plan and provision of services.
Using the services of Urban Dynamics, the Omaruru Municipality approved expanded town plans to organise the congested and chaotic Hakahana, Oruue and Sonskyn settlements at the town.
Committees established by residents of these settlements have been cooperating with the municipality’s Geographic Information System Department to move and assign erven in the settlements.
The municipality is currently bringing pre-paid water and sewer reticulation to three previously informal settlements at the town, while Erongo RED had contracted BNT, an electrical contractor, to connect the houses at Five Rand, Sonskyn and Hakahana settlements to its main grid.
Omaruru Mayor, Hendrina Gebhardt told Nampa recently the re-alignment of all three settlements to the town plan is completed and 578 houses at Hakahana and 158 houses at Five Rand and Sonskyn are receiving pre-paid water systems.
“This is a great achievement because many families can now formally own the properties they have been calling home since independence,” Gebhardt said on Monday.
They can register their homes on their own names and start developing the properties, she added.
According to Gebhardt, Council had made provisions for residential, schools, businesses and public parks in the township’s plan. In all three settlements over crowdedness used to be the norm, now new town lands have been availed to make provision for those who have to be moved.
Nampa spoke to two members of the committee for residents of Hakahana, who were both happy about the developments in their suburb while at the same time facing challenges from fellow residents who fear losing their abodes.
According to Johannes Ndjimbwa, the group had been advocating on behalf of the Hakahana residents to bring services to the settlement, but now the group is intensely acting as mediator between the municipality and residents as some fear losing out on land in the relocations.
Another member of the working group, Daniel Johannes, is optimistic of the progress although the process is slow given the municipality’s commitment to bring services closer to the people.