Totem Expo raises almost one million dollars

01 May 2017 13:30pm
OSHAKATI, 01 MAY (NAMPA) – The Oshakati Totem Exposition (Expo) fundraising gala dinner held at the town on Saturday collected over N.dollars 966 000, including N.dollars 175 000 from the sales of tables before the dinner.
The Fysal Group of Companies announced the highest pledge of N.dollars 100 000 during the gala dinner followed by Standard Bank Namibia, the expo’s official sponsor with N.dollars 75 000.
Other significant pledges were from the Chicco Group (N.dollars 55 000), Bank Windhoek (N.dollars 50 000), Oshakati Town Council (N.dollars 50 000) and First National Bank of Namibia (N.dollars 35 000).
The Oshakati Town Council (TC) will host the sixth edition of the Expo from 25 May to 03 June 2017 at the town’s Independence Stadium.
The expo focuses mostly on cultural tourism and is based on the traditions and cultures of Namibians.
“In some cultures, totems are described as something that is treated with a lot of respect or fear, while others may say it is a natural figure that spiritually represents a group of related people such as a clan,” said Urban and Rural Development Minister Sophia Shaningwa.
Officiating at the said dinner, Shaningwa explained that totems provide a sense of belonging to what Namibians would consider their yesterday and today.
She described the totem expo as a unique cultural event that allows Namibians to showcase their “true culture”.
Shaningwa commended the Oshakati Town Council for its efforts and contributions to ensure that the totem expo continues to prosper each year.
“In Namibia, we are indeed lucky as we embrace our cultural diversity. This is what uniquely distinguishes us from the rest of Africa and the world at large.”
She urged Namibians to make efforts to learn about the country’s different cultures, such as their way of life through the delicacies they eat, cultural attires and language.
Other ways of knowing each other were through marriages and funeral customs.
Founding President Sam Nujoma has been invited to open the expo officially on 27 May, said Oshakati Town Council Public Relations Officer, Katarina Kamari, in a telephone interview with Nampa on Sunday.