New clinic for Usakos completed

22 Oct 2013 18:20pm
USAKOS, 22 OCT (NAMPA) – Construction work on a new state-of-the-art medical facility at Usakos in the Erongo Region was completed last month.
The new clinic, which is located in the Hakhaseb residential area, was constructed at a cost of N.dollars 8 million.
Letty Kamati, the Managing Director of New Leaf Investments which constructed the building, told Nampa during an interview at Usakos last Thursday the facility was built under the Targeted Intervention Programme for Employment and Economic Growth (Tipeeg).
Kamati’s company, which is owned entirely by women, started constructing the building in June last year and finished the project ahead of schedule.
When New Leaf Investments started construction, they at first discovered that the area served as a dumping site and needed to remove all the rubbish before work commenced.
She explained that their first mission when commencing with the proper construction process was to clear the area where the building was to be erected and putting up platforms.
Kamati indicated that there was a need for platforms to be erected so as to stabilise the sand by compacting it.
This was done in order to prevent similar problems as that experienced by the old clinic situated opposite the new building. That building had to be closed in 2011 as the rocky foundation it was built on led to huge cracks in its walls.
Kamati went on to explain that to ensure that the building is stable, the site engineer had a number of columns built into the centre.
“During the process, we experienced many challenges such as obtaining earth moving equipment. Due to the town being small and out of reach, most of the big companies did not want to bring their equipment out here to do such a small job,” she said.
Another challenge was the fact that as per Tipeeg requirements, local people had to be employed during construction, which Kamati said posed problems at times.
“The locals were not keen to work all the time and would sometimes just stay away after being paid,” she said.
More than 100 local people were employed during the construction phase.
Kamati noted that the centre has 14 consulting rooms, a delivery room and a patient room which will assist in the stabilising of patients before being admitted at the Usakos State Hospital.
The facility also boasts accommodation for staff members, as well as a fully equipped kitchen.
Kamati could not say when exactly the clinic will be officially opened, but said it is expected to be operational before the end of the year.