Police Must Have Proper Offices And Houses - Uutoni

25 May 2013 09:20

OKAPALELONA, 25 MAY (NAMPA) ? Safety and Security Deputy Minister Erastus Uutoni says his ministry will work hard to ensure that police officers have proper and adequate housing.
Uutoni said this on Friday at the Okapalelona Border Post on the Namibia-Angola border in the Omusati Region, where he officially inaugurated new police buildings on behalf of Safety and Security Minister Immanuel Ngatjizeko.
The new buildings include an office block which houses the charge office, the office of the border post commander and three other offices as well as a 13-bedroom house with a kitchen and two bathrooms.
The Ministry of Safety and Security has spend N.dollars 4.3 million in the construction of the buildings in order to create a conducive environment for members of the Namibian Police Force (NamPol) who have been operating from camping tents and dilapidated office buildings for the past 23 years.
?These are the police officers who are expected to combat all sorts of cross-border crime. The Safety and Security will strive to create a conducive environment for all NamPol members through the construction of modern police stations, sub-stations and border posts throughout the country,? he said.
Uutoni noted that the new border offices at Okapalelona were constructed following complaints by NamPol members that they were operating under very difficult conditions due to the absence of proper offices and housing barracks.
According to the deputy minister, young police officers are particularly reluctant to be posted to the remote areas where camping tents are used as offices and housing units.
?Some of the police officers are holders of qualifications from the Polytechnic of Namibia. Although resources will be a problem, the accommodation of law-enforcement officers in tents cannot be allowed to continue in a country that has been independent now for 23 years,? said Uutoni.
The deputy minister used the same occasion to express his dissatisfaction with the slow pace at which the business community and the members of the public are moving to partner with his ministry in its endeavour to put up modern offices and infrastructure for police officers.
?The inauguration of these new buildings means the police struggles of sleeping under the tents at Okapalelona have become something of the past,? Uutoni said, as he symbolically opened the door to one of the buildings.
The governor of the Omusati Region Sophia Shaningwa, Councillor Tataati Shileka of Outapi Constituency, Chief Oswin Mukulu of Ombalantu and NamPol commander in the Omusati Region, Commissioner Shinedima Shindinge all attended the inauguration.