Namibia and Angola launch collaboration on Malaria

26 Apr 2017 10:20am
HELAO NAFIDI, 26 APR (NAMPA) – The Ministries of Health from Namibia and Angola on Tuesday launched a collaboration on the fight against Malaria at the Oihole village in southern Angola.
Namibia’s Health and Social Services Minister, Bernard Haufiku and his Angolan counterpart, Luis Gomes Sambo officiated at the launch, which was also attended by Kundi Paihama, the Angolan governor of the Cunene Province.
After the launch, officials joined the observation of World Malaria Day at the Omafo suburb of Helao Nafidi town in northern Namibia.
Haufiku told journalists after the observation that Namibia and Angola should “speak the same medical language” in the campaign against Malaria.
“We will not win the fight against Malaria if we do things differently,” he said, adding that the two countries’ health sectors need to deploy community health workers to educate those in remote areas on how to prevent such health problems.
Besides Malaria, Haufiku also singled out tuberculosis (TB) and HIV/Aids as other health problems to be dealt with in the two countries’ campaigns.
He pointed out that hospitals in Namibia provide free treatment for Malaria, TB and HIV/Aids to Angolans, but the two countries are thinking of a common fund and exchanging officials to equalise the standard of health across the border.
Addressing attendees at the observation, Haufiku said the battle against Malaria and other diseases will not be won if health officials are seated in their offices, houses, clinics and hospitals.
“They must move from house to house, kambashu to kambashu, meet everyone and spread the message that you can prevent death from Malaria.”
He suggested regional leaders, such as governors, councillors, traditional and church clergy also support the battle against Malaria and other health problems.
Haufiku said he wants to hear reports of far less Malaria cases during the next World Malaria Day. Current estimates point at over 24 000 infections and 34 deaths annually.
Sambo promised Angola will continue to cooperate with Namibia in the cross-border fight against Malaria.