Oshana SPYL REC wants to re-run district elections

24 Apr 2017 13:50pm
OKANDJENGEDI, 24 APR (NAMPA) – The Oshana Swapo Party Youth League (SPYL) Regional Executive Committee (REC) has admitted to blundering and wants to re-run the Oshakati West District elections with the rest of the region.
The elections, which took place on 08 April - before the rest of the region - were seeking to appoint the district's secretary, mobiliser, treasurer and pioneer.
During a media conference at the party’s headquarters in Okandjengedi on Friday, regional treasurer Immanuel Aron said the election results announced on 10 April have been nullified because certain steps and policies were overlooked.
“Firstly, there was no pioneer elected to the committee, which is an important aspect to the district and also, the delegates were not delegated by their respective branches to take part in the elections.”
The pioneer must be under the age of 18.
Aron noted that new elections will be held next month to ensure that those elected to the leadership committees perform their duties according to the party’s policies and constitution that stipulate procedures.
When asked who was responsible for overseeing the first elections, Aron said the league chooses not to blame anyone.
“We are all human beings and we make mistakes. We agree this was a big mistake but we would rather rectify it than point fingers at anyone.”
A letter to the regional secretary from SPYL Chairperson for the Oshana National Leaders, Sioni Iikela dated 21 April states that nullifying the results would be irregular, unconstitutional and irrelevant, as the responsible committee did not report to the National Executive Committee (NEC).
Iikela acknowledged the authenticity of the letter in an interview with Nampa on Saturday, noting he was not informed of the press conference nor the REC's decision to nullify the district's election.
He said the REC did not follow the right procedures in making the decision, which means they will not be allowed to hold new elections.
“I humbly request you to avail to the NEC the minutes of the meeting held by the Regional Executive Committee spelling out the grounds of those irregularities,” read the letter that also asked for the league’s constitution to be abided to and for procedures to be followed.
The elections for the 11 districts in the region are scheduled from 06 May and the
REC is adamant that it will stick to its decision despite Iikela's letter.
Aron said they are prepared for legal action against them.
By the time of publishing this story, the REC did not respond to Iikela’s letter.