The crappy business that is Namibian music live shows

October 22, 2013, 12:32pm

This article is an addition to the article written by Chris Paul on the state of live music perfomances by local Namibian artists. Below is an excerpt:

Insufficient security, poor management and lack of corporate support are the components that have toppled local live music shows.
There were days when almost every weekend there could be a music show in Windhoek, and a place like Zoo Park’s Amphitheatre could be packed with fans.
For the past few years however, music fans have been reluctant to go out to shows, as a result there are very few music shows in the city and the majority of them happen in clubs with killer price tags for entrance.
Top local music producer Dj Kboz puts blame on artists and show promoters alike.
“There is lack of creativity out there, and some artists still think they can get away with just a big name without having to put an extra effort into their performances.  Fans want to see artist make an effort to be creative and they want to be really entertained, don’t expect them to show up in numbers on your next show if you fail to entertainment them now,” said Dj Kboz.

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Lela Reporter Comments

The problem is the artists and the performances themselves. I have a CD of my favorite artist in my car, i have a copy of the music on my laptop, I have another at home, I play this music all the time, day and night, in the office and when travelling.

So when i go for a show i expect some creativity and proper entertainment. But nope, what i get when i go to the show is to listen to that same CD that i have at home, in the car and in the office. No effort is made to have live versions of songs or live bands. No effort is made to make the show entertaining or deviate from the track on the CD. No effort whatsoever is made to even sometimes remove vocals from a CD before playing it a live function. All an artist does is scream "Are you there", or equivalent before the CD starts playing. Its just pathetic, smells of an industry that is lost and has no direction and takes the paying customers for fools and for granted.

So in the end why bother go for a show when i can enjoy the same music in my office on my desk. Till artists start putting an effort on performing and live bands and creativity during live shows, expect the number of people attending the shows to go down even further.

Why should artists expect companies to come to the rescue or assist them in any way? They are not making music for companies, they are making music for the masses, they should make money from those masses. But if their offerings are of poor quality and preparation, then don't expect anyone to pay for crappy performances and expect your name to carry you through. People are beginning to wake up and smell the coffee. And that smell does not involve me paying money to support an unsupportable person.

Artist should pull up their socks, otherwise we might as well just close the whole live performances thing and stick to selling CDs only. Everyone will be better off for it.

Lela Reporter