New sewerage system at Karibib

21 Oct 2013 18:10pm
KARIBIB, 21 OCT (NAMPA) - The Karibib Town Council is on the brink of successfully completing the upgrading of the Husab residential area’s sewer and water system network.
The project, which consisted of two phases, was constructed at a cost of N.dollars 4 million and will be completed by 04 December this year.
Speaking to Nampa during an interview on Friday, the town council’s technical manager Fanie van der Westhuizen indicated that the process to upgrade the system started in June 2013 and to date, 72 per cent has been completed.
He explained that once the project is completed, Husab will have a free flow sewer network system as opposed to the previous system, which was manually pumped.
“The previous sewer system lay above ground and ran between the houses. As a result, when there was a blockage in the system, the sewerage water would push out into the houses of the residents and contaminate the area,” he explained.
The project involves the tunnelling of new lines, with all the existing pipes being upgraded and placed deeper underground to be connected to a manhole system.
According to Van der Westhuizen, the new system holds many benefits for the community residing in the area, with the main one being the possibility of sewerage water in their households when a blockage occurs being eliminated.
The new sewerage system also makes provision for the new area which will replace the informal settlement at the residential area, to be connected to the sewer system.
Van der Westhuizen further said 40 locals were employed during the project.
“When the town embarks on a similar project in future, the same people will be used as they already received on-the-job training, as well as gained the necessary experienced to complete such a project,” he noted.