Marginalised in Epupa feel left out

15 Apr 2017 17:50pm
OHAYUUA, 15 APR (NAMPA) – Members of the marginalised communities in the Epupa Constituency of the drought stricken Kunene Region say they feel left out.
Talking to Nampa on Wednesday was Kanjoonjoo Tjambiru, headman at the Ovipereke settlement of the Ovatwe and Ovatjimba communities. They gathered at Ohayuua village for delayed Independence Day celebrations held there.
“It is 27 years after independence and we still feel left out and excluded from some of the most important services by our government such as [those] of the Ministry of Home Affairs and Immigration,” Tjambiru said.
He told Nampa that most people in the Epupa Constituency, both young and old, do not have birth certificates and identity documents (IDs), leading to them being excluded from social grants such as pension.
According to Tjambiru, most people are still living in mountains and do not have access to institutions responsible for issuing the required national documents.
“We humbly request the Ministry of Home Affairs and Immigration to send a team to Ohayuua to ascertain that we get the birth certificates and IDs.”
Chief Administrative Officer at the Epupa Constituency Office, Tjimutambo Kuuoko told a gathering of concerned people that the office at the moment does not have stock of birth certificate books, which would be available in a fortnight.
“Should you be in a hurry to register, please go to Opuwo for assistance,” Kuuoko advised.
Comments could not be immediately obtained from the public relations department of the Ministry of Home Affairs and Immigration.