Two-year syllabus needs review: Uungwanga

03 Apr 2017 15:50pm
ONDANGWA, 03 APR (NAMPA) – Oshigambo Circuit Inspector for schools in the Oshikoto Region, Nicky Uugwanga has called for a review of the current two-year education syllabus for Grade 11s and 12s.
In an interview with Nampa on Sunday, Uugwanga said stricter conditions need to be attached to the syllabus which students must meet for promotion to encourage them to put more effort in their school work.
Part of the review to the syllabus would be the doing away with the automatic promotion of students to Grade 12.
All subjects start in Grade 11 and continue to Grade 12 as per Ministry of Education, Arts and Culture regulations, and hence a student can be promoted to Grade 12 even if they have not attained high symbols.
Some private schools such as St Boniface College in the Kavango East Region have adopted a different system in which a student graded weak is required to repeat Grade 11 until they acquire the school’s required passing points to help them to progress to the next grade.
Uugwanga said the current system makes it difficult for educators to assess the students’ work as there are no set rules for promotion to Grade 12.
“For a learner to pass and qualify for higher institutions, they need to understand the content at the beginning of the syllabus, so that they do not struggle in the final year of the syllabus,” Uugwanga said.
He added that a lack of learning materials such as library resources and laboratory equipment at most schools hinder successful teaching and learning, especially at high schools.
“Learners at higher grades require enough learning resources as they are now required to apply more knowledge in their subjects and if research materials are lacking at a school, it is hard for learners to learn more.”
Uugwanga called for joint school visits during school mid-term breaks to help both students and teachers to learn from one another.
“If English teachers from five different high schools in different regions meet to hold teaching workshops to share different teaching methods and techniques for example, a lot will be learnt,” the inspector said.