Where women rule there is less corruption: De Klerk

20 Oct 2013 12:10pm
SWAKOPMUND, 20 OCT (NAMPA) - Women’s Action for Development (WAD) Executive Director, Veronica de Klerk has expressed concern over the silence of women and political parties on the adoption of the 50/50 representation by Swapo.
She said women in Namibia and other political parties have been far too quiet about the new development.
De Klerk made this statement during the fourth annual Spring Tea hosted by the St Boniface Women’s Association here on Saturday.
“Given the poor reaction by other political parties, WAD has urgently submitted a formal appeal to the Government to amend the current electoral laws of Namibia,” she said.
By amending the current electoral laws, de Klerk said, it will compel all political parties to adhere to the 50/50 representation requirement on all party lists in order to speed up the attainment of this target.
De Klerk explained that it has been discovered that where women rule there is less corruption, and international peace relations have improved with better work performance taking place.
She then extended an urgent invitation to all gifted women from all political, cultural or spiritual persuasions to get onto their respective party lists, and register at the WAD office for training to prepare themselves to run for public office in the forthcoming national elections.
“Women should shed that age-old inclination to hide in the shadows, and allow men only to take decisions,” de Klerk said.
She also cautioned women who sit back and not act, that they will remain the “work horses” in the kitchen and on the grain fields.
“A clear call goes out to all women with natural leadership skills to emerge from the cooking pots to the boardrooms and legislative chambers to prepare themselves for ranks outside the kitchen.
We will remain subjects of slavery, but if we step to the fore, women will change the fortunes of the world and gain the respect of the nations which they deserve,” she noted.