Uugwanga concerned of few hostels at high schools

02 Apr 2017 10:10am
ONDANGWA, 02 APR (NAMPA) - Oshigambo Circuit Inspector in Oshikoto Region, Nicky Uugwanga has expressed concern about inadequate hostel accommodation in high schools, especially in the northern regions, saying this contributes to poor academic performance.
According to Uugwanga, there is a close relationship between hostel accommodation for learners, tertiary students and academics, hence, it should be considered as a need and not a luxury.
The circuit inspector made these remarks during the region’s stakeholders’ strategic meeting held in Ondangwa on Friday with the aim to help the region find better ways to improve Grade 12 results.
Uugwanga noted that many learners who qualify for tertiary institutions at the end of each year need hostel accommodation but only 61 out of 601 who qualified for higher learning get allocated hostels.
“Hostel creates a chance for extra time for learners to spend with a teacher to explain where the learner does not understand.”
He also said it creates a safe environment for learners compared to those who have to live in shacks outside the schools.
He urged private businesses and school boards to help initiate the construction of hostels for students to improve their academic performances in the future, while Government recovers from the financial constraints.
“These hostels do not need to be top notch; they can be temporary structures from corrugated iron sheets or other durable materials, just as long as a safe haven is created for our learners.”
Uugwanga explained that while students and learners might be to blame largely for poor performance, a lack of staff commitment also affects them.
“I have seen this behaviour in certain school principals and I would strongly like to discourage this because we are supposed to inspire these children and not discourage them.”
He advised that academic staff give students enough attention, extra homework and class activities to ensure that they understand and grasp what is needed by the end of each year.
The two-day strategic meeting ended Saturday.