Write for the love of it, not for money: Namhila

19 Oct 2013 11:00am
WINDHOEK, 19 OCT (NAMPA) - People should write for the love of writing, and not for the love of money, a local author has said.
Ellen Namhila, a librarian at the University of Namibia, made the remark on Thursday during the launch of a book she wrote about the life of a former PLAN combatant, Mukwahepo Ya Immanuel, also known as Meekulu Mukwahepo.
The book is titled “Mukwahepo, Woman, Soldier, Mother”.
Mukwahepo was also at the launching ceremony of the book on her life story.
Namhila said she was sent by Swapo to Gambia in 1985 to study librarianship and upon her arrival back to Namibia in 1993, one of her children came home with a history book, and she questioned why they are being taught things of the past.
After a meeting with her child's principal to explain to her the reason for the history book, Namhila's desire for writing began, and she started writing her biography.
“Often time, we blame others for what they have, but we have no alternatives to our blames,” she said.
Namhila launched her autobiography a few years ago, and went on to write more books, including “Tears of Courage-Five Mothers, Five Stories, One Victory”, and the biography of Kaxumba kaNdola in “A Barefoot Soldier”.
Namhilia then urged the elderly to share their life stories in order to inspire the society.
“Use your children to record your history,” she suggested.
Namhila said she is very happy that Meekulu Mukwahepo allowed her to write about her life as a soldier and as a mother.
Namhila said it took about 17 years to finish the book, because she had to build some relationship with Mukwahepo first.