SPYL lashes at CoW on shack demolitions

29 Mar 2017 18:30pm
WINDHOEK, 29 MAR (NAMPA) - A Swapo Party Youth League (SPYL) National Executive Committee (NEC) meeting has lashed out at the City of Windhoek (CoW) and City Police for the manner in which illegal car washes were closed down and the shacks of illegal settlers demolished.
Addressing a media briefing on Wednesday, SPYL Acting Secretary General (SG), Veikko Nekundi said the majority of the party’s leadership in the CoW is oppressive towards the masses through the ill-advised demolition of shacks and the closure of car washes they say do not have the right infrastructure for a fit certificate and business permit.
He said timely intervention by the City’s leadership is needed as the demolitions and closures were deemed unlawful because of the absence of a court order.
“It is imperative that the law is not one-legged in the principle of any structure. You cannot destroy somebody’s fixed structure without a court order. The law is imperative and the CoW is doing it outside of the law,” Nekundi charged.
He said shebeen owners are another example because they followed the relevant legislation by applying for licenses, but the CoW does not properly explain the process and requirement for the licences, which instead frustrates applicants.
Nekundi added that if the CoW does its work promptly and efficiently with an effective administration, shebeen owners and illegal shack dwellers would not have been in the position they are in today.
About 10 illegal shacks were Tuesday dismantled at an open area in the 7de Laan informal settlement following instructions from the City Police.
The allegedly illegal settlers were strategic, according to City Police, that said they erect the illegal structures and put a bed there to signify occupation, which by law means the enforcement agency may not demolish or remove contents.
City Police had employed a security guard at the area close to the road that has been identified as prone to illegal settlers.
The police also in January clamped down on illegal car washes after an investigation last year December identified more than 300 unregistered car washes that also do not have a proper drainage system for water to flow back into Windhoek’s sewerage and pollute the public roads.