Schlettwein reveals Central Procurement Board to parliament

March 29, 2017, 2:34pm


The Minister of Finance, Calle Schlettwein introduced the new board members of the Central Procurement board to parliament, this afternoon.

The board members are:

Patrick Swartz - Accounting (Chairperson)

Lischen Ramakutla - Accounting (Deputy Chairperson)

Mansueta-Maria Nakale - Business

Maria Iyambo - Engineering

Hendrik Loftie-Eaton - Engineering

Hilja Nandago-Herman - Law

Titus Ndove - Economics

Epaphras Shilongo - Engineering

Jeremia Muadinohamba - Business.

Swartz and Ramakutla have been engaged on a 5 year full time basis each while the rest of the members will be availing their services on a part time basis on a 3 year contract.

The minister also announced the Review Panel members who will adjudicate over reviews of bids should any disputes arise. The Review Panel members are, Kenandei Tjivikua, Michael Gawaseb, Ono-Robby Nangolo, Amon Ngavetene, Selma-Penna Utonih and Toska Sem.