SPYL wants intervention on shut down of SMEs

March 29, 2017, 2:31pm


The Swapo Party Youth League (SPYL), today in a press conference on the outcome of the national executive meeting expressed disappointment in the role played by local government in the shut down of small businesses.

Speaking to the media, SPYL Acting Secretary Veikko Nekundi said, institutions such as City of Windhoek have played a role in shutting down car washes in Katutura, the removal of street vendors from the streets and demolishing of shacks in informal settlements. Nekundi who feared that the demolishing of shacks might oppress the voting masses of the SWAPO party said, “This actions are leading into our people to hate the party, thereby weakening our Party, the party we trust.”

He urged the party leadership on national, regional and local authority to direct political decisions and timely intervene on matters affecting the Namibian youth a large.

“We must be mindful that actions of certain institutions will have direct effects on the people’s voting choice come elections time, to this we condemn and submit our complete rejections of any institutional decisions that have no regard to the masses and call for an end to inhumane treatment of our people,” Nekundi said.

Nekundi said that the National Executive Committee (NEC) has also raised eyebrows over the Kora Awards missing millions saying that, the committee calls on the President to leave no stone unturned and to make sure that the culprits in this matter be dealt with decisively.