Omaruru Residents' Association boycott rates and taxes payments

29 Mar 2017 16:10pm
OMARURU, 28 MAR (NAMPA) – The Omaruru Residents' Association (ORA) on Monday resolved to boycott payment of rates and taxes to the municipality and for its representative, Thelma van Rhyn, to resign from council’s management committee.
These resolutions were passed during an ORA annual general meeting held on Monday.
Van Rhyn, who represented ORA and United Democratic Front coalition on the town council, confirmed to Nampa Tuesday that she had resigned.
“I will comment after the management committee has deliberated on it,” Van Rhyn said.
ORA’s acting Chairperson, Gerda van Rensburg told this agency on Tuesday the decision to withhold payments is in protest of bad service delivery and lack of inclusiveness by the town council.
“We have communicated to council at least nine times on important issues since last year and only received two responses which translated into mere words and no actions,” van Rensburg said.
She said they have taken their grievances to the office of the governor, and believe he will intervene.
“If nothing happens, we are ready to take legal actions to demand service for our money.”
Van Rensburg said some of the burning issues include the pollution of the river by sewage from the S. I !Gobs Secondary School; hawkers operating with no toilet facilities; and abuse of municipal equipment.
She further said ORA’s efforts to assist the municipality in uplifting the standard of service delivery has been ignored for more than a year.
“We are not happy with the service we get as payers of rates and taxes,” Van Rensburg said.
Roger Nautoro, a DTA of Namibia councillor, said Van Rhyn’s resignation was to protect her integrity and not make her party to many illegal and ill informed decisions by the committee.
According to Nautoro, there has been many instances where council meeting minutes do not show who voted for or against a decision and even questions and objections are not noted in minutes, giving the impression that all councillors are in agreement.
Mayor Hendrina Gebhardt and acting Chief Executive Officer Elifas Amunyela did not respond to questions send to them by Wednesday afternoon.