Vegetable gardens lost lose crops to rain

28 Mar 2017 15:40pm
OKANGWATI, 28 MAR (NAMPA) – People whose crops were washed away after rain in the Kunene Region’s Epupa Constituency, are appealing to Government to assist them.
A number of people from villages such as Okangwati, Omuhonga, Ohambaremba and Otjihandjasema planted fruit and vegetables on the banks of the Okangwati River.
They now struggle to feed their families since the rain destroyed their gardens.
Vita Kambepe, 64, told Nampa recently they decided to plant crops because the river had not flowed for many years. He said the garden was well placed to access underground water.
Kambepe, a father of three, said he lost his wife three years ago and survives by selling tomatoes and maize.
Tjonganda Musiovahimba’s garden is occasionally used by officials of the Ministry of Agriculture, Water and Forestry to train farmers on crop production.
Musiovahimba told this agency he planted bananas, maize, tomatoes, green peppers, chilli and guavas, all of which were lost when the river started flowing again.
“I appeal to Government to come and assess our situation and see how they can assist us,” Musiovahimba said.
Approached for comment, Elvit Upendura, an agricultural technician in the Ministry of Agriculture, Water and Forestry at Okangwati, said people prefer to grow produce next to the river because of the moisture in the soil.
He, however, warned them against doing so as it is not possible to predict when the river will flow.
This is made difficult by the fact that the area no longer gets early weather warnings, because the automatic weather station at Okangwati has been broken since late last year.