CORRECTION: Another Chinese nabbed in N$3.5 billion tax fraud scandal

28 Mar 2017 15:00pm
REPLACING 'Julius Laurentius' WITH 'Laurentius Julius' THROUGHOUT STORY.

WINDHOEK, 28 MAR (NAMPA) - Another Chinese man was arrested by members of the Namibian Police Force's Serious Crime Investigations Unit in connection with alleged tax evasion involving N.dollars 3.5 billion, fraud and money laundering.
Court documents availed to Nampa here on Tuesday show that Zhihua Gua was arrested on Monday upon his arrival at the Hosea Kutako International Airport.
Zhihua has now been added as accused number six in this case alongside Chinese businessman Jack Huang, Tao Huizhong, Jinrong Huang, Zhu Honggang and Namibian businessperson Laurentius Julius.
Zhihua made his first court appearance in the Windhoek Magistrate's Court along L├╝deritz Street on Monday, and was granted bail of N.dollars 1.5 million.
The six men's alleged fraud, tax evasion and money laundering case was remanded until 01 August 2017 in order for the police to complete their investigations into the matter.
The first five accused persons were arrested in December 2016 and January 2017 in connection with the matter.
Huang is free on bail of N.dollars 1 million and is allowed to leave the country to attend to his other businesses in neigbouring Angola with the permission of the police investigating officer, and in accordance with the provisions attached to his bail conditions.
Julius's stringent bail conditions were also on 16 February 2017 amended in court and he is now allowed to leave the country to attend to his businesses elsewhere, but also with the permission of the investigating officer.
Tao, Jinrong and Julius are all free on bail of N.dollars 1,5 million each.
Zhu free on bail of N.dollars 500 000, which was granted during his first appearance in the Ondangwa Magistrate's Court in the Oshana Region on 22 December.
Lawyers Sisa Namandje represented the four Chinese nationals, while Dirk Conradie appeared for Julius.
ilroy Casper represented Zhihua when he appeared before Windhoek Magistrate Vanessa Stanley on Monday.
Public Prosecutor Joseph Andreas defended the State on Monday during Zhihua's appearance.
The six men's arrest follows police investigations into the matter since 2013, targeting a string of companies owned primarily by Chinese businesspeople in Namibia.