Geingob to deliver State of the Nation Address next month

21 Mar 2017 18:00pm
RUNDU, 21 MAR (NAMPA) - President Hage Geingob will deliver the State of the Nation Address next month.
The Head of State announced on Tuesday during the 27th Independence celebrations at Rundu that he will deliver the State of the Nation Address on 12 April 2017.
“Today is a celebration, therefore I will not delve too deep into issues affecting our nation since one does not spoil a birthday celebration with a long speech. I will elaborate on some of the matters I have mentioned on 12 April during my State of the Nation Address,” he said.
In his address, Geingob emphasised his desire to achieve unification in the 'Namibian House'.
“Yes, we still have a long way to go with regards to unity, but that is our desire,” he said.
He also acknowledged that after 27 years, Namibia still faces many challenges, most specifically with regards to socio-economic matters.
“Poverty is a scourge that continues to wreak havoc in our lives, because if one Namibian is poor, then we all are poor and we will all pay a price for that,” he said.
Geingob explained that he was speaking about the provision of basic necessities to people in order to give them a sense of human dignity.
“For those with talent and ability, we want to create a favourable and friendly business climate so that they will be able to generate wealth, not only for themselves, but for the nation as a whole,” the President said.
As a sign of Government’s commitment towards the improvement of the quality of life and living standards of Namibians, Geingob said, they continue to invest a significant share of the national budget in the social sectors.
About 47.7 per cent of the budget is allocated to the social sectors at a value of N.dollars 27.44 billion, or N.dollars 83.71 billion over the Medium Term Expenditure Framework (MTEF).