San have more right to claim land: Geingob

21 Mar 2017 16:10pm
RUNDU, 21 MAR (NAMPA) – The San people have more right to claim land in Namibia than any other group, President Hage Geingob has said.
Delivering his keynote address during the 27th Independence celebrations at the Rundu Sports Stadium, Geingob said the San people always seem to be left out of discussions on ancestral land, although they have more right to lay claim to such land than any other group of Namibians.
Various land activist groups have over the past few months made claims for ancestral land.
Geingob said the government has welcomed proposals from all concerned Namibians on the land issue, so as to reach a national consensus before proceeding with new measures to address the land problem.
He stated that land was an emotive issue, therefore history had to be revisited in order to interrogate the land problem.
“We are committed to addressing the land issue and this is why I have alluded to the fact that we need to revisit the willing-buyer-willing-seller concept which we adopted to adhere to Resolution 435,” he added.
Geingob added that Government also had to refer back to the Constitution which allows for the expropriation of land with fair compensation, as well as at foreign ownership of land, especially absentee land owners.
He said everyone should be open to new approaches as part of their commitment to achieve further economic growth and maintaining peace.
'Today, black people are owners of farms, cars and houses, which they have acquired with their own money. This was unheard of before independence and it is cause for celebration,' Geingob said.
The Head of State also highlighted the issue of urbanisation, which he said is detrimental to the wellbeing of Namibians, as people settled in flood plains or set up shacks in areas that are not serviced.
'The challenge now is to take these bright lights to the regions in order to curb rapid urbanisation, which leads to the increase of urban hunger and poverty,' said Geingob.