Independence celebrations taking Namibians down memory lane

21 Mar 2017 09:10am
RUNDU, 21 MAR (NAMPA) - Independence Day celebrations are meant to take the nation down memory lane to 21 March 1990, the day Namibia attained its independence after a long and bitter struggle for freedom.
Minister of Agriculture, Water and Forestry John Mutorwa said this in an interview with Nampa on Tuesday, ahead of the 27th Independence celebrations.
“The main expectation is the message of the president, because it will inform the nation of where we are today, what we have achieved, the challenges ahead and the way forward,” Mutorwa said.
He added that it is also a day for re-dedication towards the values of nation building and hard work.
Mutorwa is the director of ceremonies at the celebration which takes place at the Rundu Sports Stadium in the Kavango East Region under the theme ‘United we stand, for the love of Namibia.’
Some Namibians who are attending the celebration also expressed happiness and gratitude for the peace and stability in the country.
Some people said they woke up as early as 02h00 to make sure they get a space on the buses to the celebration venue.
The stadium was packed by 08h00 and performances by various traditional groups have already started to keep the public entertained.