Police officer jailed for murder

18 Mar 2017 10:40am
WINDHOEK, 18 MAR (NAMPA) – A former police officer was sentenced to 32 years’ imprisonment in the Windhoek High Court on Friday for hacking his wife to death in September 2015.
The 40-year-old Willem Saul voluntarily admitted under oath on 08 February 2017 that he was guilty of killing his wife, Ingenesia Saul at their family home in Epako, Gobabis following an argument about infidelity concerns.
The court stated that even though Willem voluntarily pleaded guilty to a charge of murder without direct intent, it does not make the offence less serious.
“His act was cruel and vicious as the deceased was not armed at the time of the crime,” High Court Judge Dinah Usiku said while handing down the sentence.
According to Willem’s confession and the evidence presented in court, he accused his wife of being unfaithful and she allegedly said she was tired of the marriage.
He also said he saw text messages of a romantic nature on his wife’s mobile phone.
The former constable then apparently refused to give back the phone and a fight ensued, during which he stabbed his wife on her arm.
The deceased attempted to flee the scene before she was struck on the head twice with an axe. She died instantly.
The axe was still stuck in her head when the police arrived at the scene.
“The manner in which the accused was chopped with such a huge axe repeatedly by the accused is unacceptable, spilling of blood has become a norm in this country,” Usiku said.
The judge went on to say a police officer who commits an offence not only breaches the trust the community has placed in him, but also attacks and undermines the foundation of organised society and thus deserves a sentence that could serve as an example.
Attorney Titus Ipumbu was appointed by the Directorate of Legal Aid to represent Willem, while Harold Olivier represented the State in the matter.