Children should understand importance of Independence

17 Mar 2017 11:10am
WINDHOEK, 17 MAR (NAMPA) – The opportunity to study at a school with people from different cultures is a reflection of independence, said Deputy Minister of Environment and Tourism, Tommy Nambahu.
He made this remark while addressing learners of Dr Rita Johnson Christian Private School at a pre-Independence celebration here on Thursday.
Namibia celebrates independence on 21 March each year since 1990, and Nambahu said the day’s celebration at schools is important for children to value their freedom.
“Because of independence, you are taught with children of all colours without any segregation,” he said, stressing that Namibian children should appreciate and acknowledge the efforts of heroes and heroines who fought for Namibia’s freedom from the then South African regime.
He said it is this freedom that allows a Namibian child to pursue a career of their choice and not be limited to becoming a teacher, nurse or pastor.
“Before independence, a black person did not have a choice to become whatever they wanted to be.”
Various cultural performances at the school impressed the deputy minister, who said it is an example of how an independent Namibia should be in the spirit of “one nation”.
“The government remains committed at improving the welfare of the Namibian children, hence the Ministry of Education receives the highest allocation of the national budget every year,” said Nambahu.
He noted that Namibian children are faced with many challenges, including peer pressure at school and on social media.
Nambahu irked at the trend that even children below Grade 7 have accounts on social media platforms.
He thus urged the learners to stay away from these and other destructive measures, saying they can befriend strangers who can possibly do them harm.
The deputy minister also urged learners to respect teachers and parents.
“For children to achieve their dreams, they need to be disciplined starting with listening to what their teachers are telling them to do,” he said.
The main celebration of Namibia’s 27th Independence will take place in Rundu, Kavango West Region under the theme ‘United we stand for the love of Namibia’.