RDP leaders embarrasing the nation: Nyamu

17 Oct 2013 17:50pm
By Sawi Lutibezi
WINDHOEK, 17 OCT (NAMPA) - The Rally for Democracy and Progress (RDP) Secretary-General (SG) Jesaya Nyamu on Thursday expressed disappointment in a “political stampede” within his party.
“Let me inform the public through you. I am disappointed with this political stampede,” he fumed in an interview with Nampa, during which he also indicated that he will “cease active politics for good to give way to the young generation”.
Nyamu, who is also an RDP Member of Parliament (MP), was referring to the fact that four RDP leaders are now vying for the top position in the party.
They are incumbent RDP president Hidipo Hamutenya, Secretary for International Affairs Kandy Nehova, Peter Naholo (Member of Parliament), and Jeremiah Nambinga (Secretary for Information).
Nyamu explained that he is disappointed in among other things, the fact that the four candidates vying for the RDP presidency now are “all Kwanyamas hailing from the same village”, a scenario highlighted by Nahas Angula back then that the formation of the RDP was a “Kwanyama project”.
“They are giving Angula credit for that statement he made at the founding of the RDP. Angula will now say ‘I have told you so’,” he stated.
“All four of them come from the same region. What picture is RDP giving to the nation? I have tried in my life to sensitise my colleagues in the RDP to be truly national in our approach, but most of them do not want to listen,” he said.
“This will be a disappointment in my life. I do not like what I am seeing. Unfortunately, I do not have the power to reverse the events,” said Nyamu in a sombre tone.
“We are embarrassing ourselves, we are embarrassing the nation,” he stated.
He also criticised those who are vying for the party’s presidency for campaigning outside the party.
“These elections are internal elections, they are not national elections. Why do we have to go and make rallies and why do we bring in the public?” he questioned.
In addition, Nyamu noted that democracy cannot prosper if a country is run by one party.
He admitted that the founding of the RDP has not as yet changed the political equation on the ground.
“This country I must be honest, is a one-party state in all aspects except the law. For some reason, the history and the level of development of the RDP are failing to move this country from the dominance of one party,” he stressed.
By co-founding the RDP, his personal motivation was to help build a political system where political parties are balanced to speak out and where there is true prospect for change in government.
“I am not totally satisfied with our results to diversify this country politically. One factor that makes the country a one-party state is that people look at politics as a means to access wealth or income,” he pointed out.
According to Nyamu, there is no serious commitment to serve the people in all political parties, including the RDP.
He said leaders are not committed to the transformation of society and the strengthening of democracy as well as the building of a stronger economic prosperous nation, but instead are interested first and foremost in their “own bellies”.
Whether they are elders, whether they are youth, they join politics only with the hope they get access to wealth and resources, he said, adding that it is indeed a painful reminder that Namibians are very far behind.
“Politics is a source for income. I see this among the elder generation - my generation. Some people have been in politics or even in government as ministers for over 20 years,” said Nyamu.
Still they do not show any signs that they want to retire or go anywhere else, he said, adding that it is not because of their commitment, “it is because of the salaries”.
He noted that industries here are non-existent, which is why politics become the main option.
“And in politics you do not need qualifications. You do not go through tests, you are not interviewed. In fact, the louder you speak or laugh, and the louder you make noise - you tend to make it in politics,” Nyamu emphasised.
Asked whether he supports any of the four candidates, Nyamu said as SG of the party, he thinks it will be unfair for him to publicly declare his candidate.
“But of course when it comes to voting, I will only vote for one. Although they are four, only one will make it,” he concluded.
Nyamu was a high-level member of the Swapo Party since 1964 until 2005 when he was expelled from the party for disobedience.
He conceded that he had made some private notes that mentioned the possibility of Hamutenya supporters breaking away from the party as an option for the future.
Nyamu was unanimously elected as RDP SG in 2008.