Newly elected KSSR exco promises change

16 Mar 2017 15:00pm
By Maqonda Ndlovu
WINDHOEK, 16 MAR (NAMPA) – The newly elected executive committee of the Khomas Schools Sport Region (KSSR) promised to improve the administration of school sports in the region.
Chairperson Patrick Percy Xoagub, the principal of People’s Primary School, said they will take charge of all school sports in the region to ensure that every learner is provided with a conducive environment to take part in sports.
“We are here to see that sport is run in the prescribed way and in a structured manner,” said Xoagub.
KSSR falls under the regional coordinators of the Namibia Schools Sport Union (NSSU).
All 52 primary schools and over 50 secondary schools, both public and private, in Khomas are affiliated to KSSR after paying an affiliation fee of N.dollars 2 per learner.
Schools pay registration fees according to the sports they participate in.
“This money is used to pay for stadia bookings, buying lunch for the participants, and also paying officials who oversee particular codes,” he explained.
The new KSSR committee was elected about two weeks ago to serve for the next three years.
Other members are: Vice Chairperson Bertus Bock (from Acacia High School), Treasurer Monica Ruumbu (Rocky Crest High School), Additional Member Jaanda Ngozu (Amazing Kids Private School), Additional Member Joshua Kandjaua (Augeikhas Primary School) and Secretary Petronella Katjitenja (Moses van der Byl Primary School).
KSSR has been in existence since the inception of the NSSU 26 years ago, but faded in the past few years due to several factors, including financial unaccountability.
Xoagub said his committee will strive to be transparent in running the organisation, including producing audited financial reports annually.
He encouraged principals to take an active role in school sports.
“If they can not avail themselves, I suggest they assign a management member and sport coordinator of that particular school.”
Xoagub stressed the need for schools to encourage students to participate in sports, saying learners involved in sports become disciplined, develop physically and perform well academically.
He, however, noted that that some school sports are now being hijacked by individuals and institutions without following the proper channels laid out by the NSSU and KSSR constitutions.
Xoagub pointed out football as one such code.
He blamed this on the fact that the KSSR structure was not clear, hence anyone could organise schools tournaments outside the parameters of the organisation.
NSSU National Coordinator, Solly Duiker told this agency he looks forward to working with the new committee.
Duiker emphasised the importance of regional committees, saying Namibia is a vast country and it is difficult for the national coordinator to run school sports from the Windhoek office efficiently.
All regions must have executive committees.