Nyamu to quit active politics, disappointed in RDP leadership

17 Oct 2013 14:50pm
By Sawi Lutibezi
WINDHOEK, 17 OCT (NAMPA) – The Rally for Democracy and Progress (RDP) Secretary-General (SG) and Member of Parliament (MP) Jesaya Nyamu will quit the RDP and active politics for good.
In an exclusive interview with Nampa on Thursday, Nyamu indicated his utter disappointment in the leadership of the RDP, before stating that he wants to leave active politics to make way for the young generation.
Nyamu explained that he is disappointed in among other things, the fact that the four candidates vying for the RDP presidency now are “all Kwanyamas hailing from the same village”, a scenario highlighted by Nahas Angula back then that the formation of the RDP was a “Kwanyama project”.
The four candidates are incumbent RDP president Hidipo Hamutenya, Secretary for International Affairs Kandy Nehova, Peter Naholo (Member of Parliament), and Jeremiah Nambinga (Secretary for Information).
“I want to tell you something which I have not told anybody before - looking at the country’s political landscape and my long service in politics, I have decided that I will not contest any of the high positions during the party’s upcoming convention (towards the end of this year),” said Nyamu who co-founded the party with Hamutenya, Nehova and Nambinga in 2007.
Nyamu said he wants to leave space for the youth to replace him because he has already contributed a lot to the course of the party.
“My friends and family members have all been informed, and they agree that it is time to cease active politics. I will, however, try to finish my term in parliament and after that I will look at what else I can do in my life,” said Nyamu sadly.
The RDP SG said he is contemplating on many things to do, including “writing notes” on the journey of his life.
Nyamu said every time he speaks to young people, he is encouraged to note information down for the accessibility of generations to come, particularly about the lives of ministers and leaders of his generation.
He also informed this agency that although he leaves active politics permanently, he will still be available to support the RDP when the need arises.
Nyamu was a high-level member of the Swapo Party since 1964 until 2005 when he was expelled from the party for disobedience.
He conceded that he had made some private notes that mentioned the possibility of Hamutenya supporters breaking away from the party as an option for the future.
Nyamu was unanimously elected as RDP SG in 2008.