Lela (for Android) releases new version with support for comments and upload of stories

October 17, 2013, 11:29am
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Lela (for Android) has released a new loaded version that has features that will make Lela even more useful to you. Lela is and will always be an information hub. The new update will still be working when all the journalists, and staff from other establishment have gone to sleep.
The new update will allow you as the user to comment on all articles on Lela. Commenting is a simple process that needs you to setup a one-time profile that only asks you for a Nickname and email address. Once set, you can comment on all old and new articles on Lela. Comments will appear instantly.
In addition to this, users are now allowed to contribute to Lela directly by uploading their own stories and pictures. So when you go for that party and you take pictures, or see an accident in the locations, or you just want to show off your lovely body, Lela has you covered. Users can now upload events and activities in and around them making Lela a more useful information hub.
Feel free to take part in the Lela revolution by downloading the update or updating your Lela to the latest version. If you phone has not already prompted you, open the Play Store, search for Lela and click on Update. The update will be downloaded immediately to your phone.
Any problems with the updates, send an email to omalaeti@omalaetiit.com