More people expected to relocate due to rain

11 Mar 2017 09:40am
OSHAKATI, 11 MAR (NAMPA) – The number of flood victims at Ekuku flood reception centres has doubled within a week and is expected to increase within the coming weeks as more rain is forecasted.
Oshakati Town Council Communications Officer, Katarina Kamari said there are now 499 individuals from 107 households accommodated in 33 tents.
On Tuesday there were 254 people from 51 families, who resided in 18 tents.
Kamari told Nampa Friday the victims were relocated from Oshoopala, Pohamba and parts of Evululuko settlements since the beginning of the week.
Some victims told this agency that even though their new temporary residence is better than their flooded homes, the tents leak during rain and is unsafe to leave unattended with their belongings inside.
Mother to an infant, Monica Petrus from the Oshoopala settlement, noted that she and her five siblings have to struggle to find food. Their parents were left back home, because they could not all fit in the tent they were allocated.
“It is extremely wet on the floor as there is no mat or carpet which is unsafe for the children, especially babies,” Petrus said.
Messias Ndivana, a builder, had to stop work as the heavy rains had made it impossible for him to continue work.
“We hardly sleep at night, as we need to keep shifting the beds every now and then when the rain becomes heavy at night; however we are grateful because even though we are three households in this tent, it is not crowded,” Ndivana explained.
Ndapandula Mushinge and 13 of her household members are also currently residing at the area.
Like Ndivana, Mushinge too had to close her kapana business temporarily as the area she prepared and sold it from is flooded.
“The young children have also stopped going to school for now as the water levels are increasing daily and it is dangerous for them to cross,” Mushinge added.
Kamari added that the council has requested for more tents, and about 20 more will be made available as the number of people keeps increasing.
She also stated that they will be making provisions for health services at the site soon.
“We currently do not have any health facilities on the site, but we have requested for some from the Ministry of Health; hopefully they will respond soon.”