NYC official instigates youth to get back land from colonisers

16 Oct 2013 19:30pm
OTJIWARONGO, 16 OCT (NAMPA) – The Namibian youth have been urged to start discussions on land re-distribution, and 'not wait till Jesus Christ returns to this world for them to get back their land'.
A board member of the National Youth Council (NYC), Natangwe Iithete, made the statement on Wednesday during a one-day meeting in Otjiwarongo with more than 10 regional youth organisation leaders.
Iithete urged the Otjozondjupa youth leaders to come up with ideas which will assist Government acquire land on which masses of Namibians could be resettled on.
He said Namibia gained its independence in 1990, but the majority of Namibians still live on barren soil, in mountainous areas and Oshanas, where their ancestors were driven to be their colonisers.
“After they had driven our forefathers from productive land with guns, they then fenced-off such land which became their farms. Our people were further pushed onto barren land where we find ourselves today,” charged Iithete.
He also urged the youth leaders here to create platforms where they could continuously discuss matters of unfair distribution of land in the country until solutions to the matters are found.
The youth activist further said it is time for black Namibians to get back their land fought for by their ancestors during the liberation struggle.
“Let us speak with one voice as Namibian youth leaders on this issue. We all know by now that these commercial farms you see being fenced off in this country were inherited from those whites who colonised our ancestors,” Iithete said.
He stated that none of the commercial farms owned by mostly white farmers were purchased from black Namibians during those days.
“Therefore, they should surrender some of their farms to Government, which should appropriately distribute portions of it to our black people with no land,” he demanded.
Iithete charged that the policy of willing buyer-willing seller of land has failed to materialise, therefore, Namibians must come up with ideas which will make those farmers with huge tracks of land surrender some of it to Government.
Paulus Nenkundi from the Otjozondjupa Youths Against Crime and Gender Based-Violence Organisation, supported Iithete, saying they don’t want to go the Zimbabwe way and grab farmland from white farmers.
“Our Government must pass a new law that will force all Namibians in commercial and communal areas to have a limited number of farms and hectares,” he said.
Another youth leader, Jafet Aron from the Otjozondjupa Chain of Arts’ Youth Organisation, said Namibia is heading into a pit, because everything seems to fall apart.
“It is hard for us to find jobs and difficult to find scholarships. We are getting fed-up with these socio-economic challenges facing us. I am afraid that one day we might revolt against these imbalances,” he charged.
Other issues related to gender-based violence and unemployment affecting the youth in the country were also discussed during the meeting.