Oshakati flood victims demanding more tents

07 Mar 2017 13:20pm
OSHAKATI, 07 MAR (NAMPA) – Oshakati residents relocated from the informal settlements of Pohamba, Oshoopala and some areas of Evululuko over the weekend have said they want more tents as their temporary accommodation is too crowded.
The Oshakati Town Council started relocating the more than 250 residents on Friday, when their houses were flooded after heavy downpours in northern Namibia.
“It’s overcrowded – we are four households of, for instance, five members each, accommodated in one tent,” Mkwaudimbe Maria Johannes from Oshoopala told Nampa at the relocation centre at Ekuku on Monday.
Relocated residents also expressed concern about men and women staying in the same tents and asked for separate accommodations.
“Relocation is also costly this time around unlike in the past when council provided free transport,” Johannes said.
She said she paid N.dollars 300 for private transport to move her possessions from Oshoopala to Ekuku because the town council did not provide transport
Padelia Ndeukanghama told this news agency most of her possessions are still under water in her shack at Oshoopala as there is not enough space in the tent she now stays in.
They also complained about food shortages, saying most of their food was spoiled in the floods. They are now appealing to the local authority to provide food or for good Samaritans to come to their rescue.
Approached for comment, town council spokesperson Katarina Kamari said 18 tents have so far been provided for the 51 households, or 254 people, and more tents will be provided once they become available.
“Council has very limited resources to assist each and every person affected,” Kamari said.
According to her, the Oshana Regional Council provided the 18 tents in which relocated residents are accommodated at Ekuku.
“We are not getting assistance from elsewhere, because it is not declared a disaster yet,” the town spokesperson stated.
Only two mobile toilets, two temporary bathing shelters and one water point cater for all 254 people.