Oshana should improve on Grade 12 results

05 Mar 2017 13:20pm
EMONO, 05 MAR (NAMPA) – Education, Arts and Culture Deputy Permanent Secretary, Charles Kabajani has called on the Oshana Education Directorate to use its best Grade 10 results to improve and build on the best results in Grade 12.
Kabajani made the call in addressing the Oshana Education Directorate’s Prizes and Award-giving event held at Emono Combined School (CS) in the Okatana Constituency over the weekend.
The directorate was ranked nationally the second in the Grade 10 final examinations for the past three consecutive years.
It is ranked second last (13th) in ordinary level Grade 12 examinations for the past two consecutive years and gradually downgraded from position eight to 10 over the past three years in high level Grade 12 final examinations.
Oshana Education Directorate, Kabajani said, has remarkable Grade 10 pass rate of 68.3 per cent in 2014, 66.2 per cent in 2015 and 66.6 in 2016.
“We recognise the fact that these results have been achieved with several challenges and equally, doing so recognising that the quality of grades of those that enter tertiary institutions is of cardinal importance,” said Kabajani.
According to him, the system of education has put mechanisms in place and continues to do so for the benefit of education for all.
Speaking at the same event Director of Education, Arts and Culture in the Oshana Region, Hileni Amukana pointed out that in 2016 her directorate had 71 centres where the Grade 10 national examination was written by 3 260 candidates for the Junior Secondary Certificate (JSC).
Amukana noted 2 160 candidates from her directorate were promoted to Grade 11 after last year’s JSC examination, representing 66.6 per cent.
“Four schools in the region achieved a 100 per cent pass rate, and they are Eheke Senior Secondary School (SSS), Mauritz Devenish Private School (PS), Liberty Heritage PS and Cabatana PS.”
Eheke SSS had 28 Grade 10 candidates, Mauritz Devenish, 18, Liberty Heritage 7 and eight candidates for Cabatana.
Charles Anderson CS, also in the Oshana Region, had 88 Grade 10 candidates and only one of these candidates could not be promoted to Grade 11.
Paulina Hambata from the Charles Anderson CS in 5th position, is one of the country’s top ten learners in last year’s Grade 10 examinations and is the best overall learner in the Oshana Region.