Ministry welcomes donations on poaching

04 Mar 2017 11:00am
WINDHOEK, 03 MAR (2017) – The Ministry of Environment and Tourism (MET) needs more than N.dollars 7 million to address Human-Wildlife Conflict in the country.
This was revealed at the World Wildlife Day celebration held on Friday, 03 March in the capital.
The amount forms part of N.dollars 115 million needed for the Anti-Poaching Unit, wildlife conservation and the management of protected areas.
Held under the theme ‘Raising Funds for Anti-Poaching, Human Wildlife Conflict Management and Area Management,’ the event included a fund raising session for stakeholders in wildlife conservation to pledge money and other kinds of support to fight poaching and manage protected areas.
Speaking at the event, Minister of Environment and Tourism, Pohamba Shifeta said commitment towards wildlife conservation is a daunting task with government resources alone.
“It is with this understanding that Government would like to partner with the private sector, other institutions as well as multilateral organisations in the conservation of Namibia’s wildlife resources.”
Shifeta explained the required funds are for various factors such as N.dollars 4.9 million for a self-reliance scheme and start-up capital; N.dollars 1.6 million for tracking collar devices for lions, elephants and wild dogs deemed to be involved in conflict with humans.
A further N.dollars 750 000 is needed for predator-proof kraals, water protection walls and crocodile exclusion materials.
The minister welcomed other donations and pledges from local companies that committed themselves to donating vehicles.
The Agro-Marketing and Trade Agency (AMTA) donated a tonne of locally produced rice, while items from other donors included camping and game capture equipment, park management materials and food for patrolling staff in Namibia’s national parks such as Etosha National Park.
Sniffer dogs, drones and gate monitoring systems for parks also featured during the fund raising session.
Incentives for information rewards regarding poaching cases and awards for staff performance were also received.
The Chinese Embassy in Windhoek pledged N.dollars 200 000 while a local insurance company donated five vehicles and drones.