Violent rape and murder suspect wants bail

03 Mar 2017 14:50pm
WINDHOEK, 03 MAR (NAMPA) - A man who allegedly committed a host of violent crimes, including raping and murdering a six-month pregnant woman at Tses in the //Kharas Region in 2014, wants to be released on bail.
Jesaya Boois is on trial in the Windhoek High Court for the violent rape and murder of 28-year-old Bonaventura Jahs on 02 September 2014.
On Friday, he lodged a formal bail application before Acting High Court Judge Boas Usiku.
The 41-year-old Boois brought the formal bail application before court with the assistance of his State-funded defence lawyer, Titus Mbaeva and in accordance with the provisions of Section 61 of the Criminal Procedures Act of 1977.
Giving his evidence-in-chief in support of his bail application, he said he wants to be granted bail in order to help his twin boys who are reportedly in the care of their mother’s parents.
Boois, who has been in police custody since his arrest on 02 September 2014, said he is in a position to post bail of N.dollars 5 000 with the assistance of his sister who is employed at the Tses Village Council.
He said the bail can be granted with strict bail conditions and he will abide by these conditions.
“I have respect for the law now and I will not attempt to run way in efforts to evade prosecution,” he said, adding that he also would not attempt to contact the State witnesses who will give evidence on behalf of the prosecution.
Meanwhile, Deputy Prosecutor-General Antonia Verhoef opposed bail, arguing that Boois could abscond from Namibia in efforts to evade prosecution because the State has a strong case against him.
She said he faces a host of serious charges and knows who the State witnesses are after the prosecution disclosed the charge sheet and the list of the names of people who will give evidence during trial.
“It would not be in the interest of the administration of justice to grant bail,” said Verhoef.
Boois also faces charges of assault with grievous bodily harm and assault by threat when he allegedly attacked another person in September 2014.
The ruling in the formal bail application will be made public at a yet-to-be announced date next week.
Boois is in police custody at the Windhoek Central Correctional facility.