First private wound and diabetes care clinic opens

03 Mar 2017 11:40am
WINDHOEK, 03 MAR (NAMPA) – A private wound and diabetic care clinic opened its doors in the capital on Thursday.
Sister Hileni Samuel, founder of the ‘Hileni Wound and Diabetic Care Nursing Services Clinic’, said she saw the need of opening up a clinic that will specialise in diabetes and wound care and thus meet Government halfway in bringing crucial medical services to the people.
Samuel said in Namibia, diabetes is one of the top 10 conditions and among the top 15 causes of death.
“Diabetes is preventable if we can work as a team,” she said.
Diabetes is a lifelong condition in which the body’s ability to produce or respond to the hormone insulin is impaired, resulting in abnormal metabolism of carbohydrates and elevated levels of glucose in the blood and urine.
If not maintained, diabetes can cause severe complications such as permanent blindness, kidney failure, stroke, heart attack and wounds that can lead to limp amputation.
In worst cases, the condition can be fatal.
Deputy Minister of Health and Social Services, Juliet Kavetuna said while officially opening the clinic that the number of people with diabetes in the world has risen from 25 million in 1985 to about 250 million to date.
Citing a World Health Organisation (WHO) report of 2008, she said about 2.9 million deaths per year are attributed to diabetes, and some of them are pregnant women and children.
“I wish to reaffirm to you that we as government will continue to work together with partners, research institutions and other relevant organisations to find better solutions to deal with diabetes and its complications,” she noted.
The clinic offers nursing services such as advance wound dressing, foot examination, family planning, flu vaccination, cervarix vaccination, papsmear, prostate cancer screening, compression therapy, wellness screening, and general nursing services.
It is situated in Rhino Street in the Windhoek North residential area.