Goats attacked by unknown animal at Okambebe

01 Mar 2017 15:20pm
OKAMBEBE, 01 MAR (NAMPA) – Twelve goats were killed by an unknown animal at Okambebe village in the Ohangwena Region in the early morning hours of Tuesday.
Like previous such attacks in 2012 and 2015, the goats had bite marks on their throats only.
The owner of the goats, Cornelia Nahole, told Nampa on Tuesday she heard a noise at around 05h30.
“I did not pay too much attention when I heard the bleating goats, because I just thought they were my neighbour’s and did not think there was anything wrong,” said Nahole.
One of her neighbours who also heard the noise, went outside to check and came across 11 dead and four injured goats and informed the Nahole household.
Nahole said they could not make out any animal tracks as it had rained.
They could however see that the animal had dug a hole under the fence to gain entry to the kraal.
The family informed the village headman, the councillor and police, all of whom inspected the scene.
“We have always kept the livestock in the same kraal and nothing of this nature has ever happened before,” said Nahole.
Veterinary officials arrived at the scene later that day, and by then another goat had died.
Magano Kephas, a veterinarian in the Ministry of Agriculture, Water and Forestry’s Directorate of Veterinary Services at Eenhana, told this agency in a telephonic interview on Wednesday they were not able to determine what type of animal attacked the goats.
“A similar incident was reported to us in 2015 at the Oshimwaku village in the same constituency, but we were unable to find the animal,” Kephas said.
In 2012, animals with paw prints similar to that of dogs killed four goats in the same region.