Red Cross assists poverty-stricken communities in Kunene

28 Feb 2017 13:50pm
OPUWO, 28 FEB (NAMPA) - The Namibian Red Cross Society is injecting over N.dollars 3 million into the economy of the Kunene Region.
This is being done by assisting more than 1 000 identified vulnerable people in Opuwo and villages in the Epupa Constituency with N.dollars 700 in cash for the next five months.
According to a delegate of the International Federation of the Red Cross, Ben Corrigan, the identified beneficiaries have been selected out of about 80 households in 55 villages.
Corrigan told Nampa they thought of giving cash to the beneficiaries to boost the regional economy as the money will be used to buy food and non-food items.
The registration of the beneficiaries in Opuwo and surrounding villages was completed last Tuesday, with each person getting N.dollars 700.
“Monitoring of how the money is spent will be done regularly,” Corrigan said.
Kunene Regional Field Coordinator, Bricks Namwandi told Nampa the beneficiaries were identified through the office of the regional governor with the assistance of traditional leaders.
Maria Muramba, one of the beneficiaries, nearly burst into tears, saying she could hardly make ends meet before.
“I will go to the supermarket and buy food as we don’t have anything to cook at the moment,” she told this reporter.
Another beneficiary is Tjisuko Musaso, who told this agency that she will use the money to start a business selling food so that she can make proper use of the donation.
Ndanduva Katjizembua, a father of two, said the donation will be of great help to his family as at times they have nothing to eat. His eldest son would collect bottles to sell for them to have something to eat for the day.
Tribesmen Revenue Solutions is the company contracted to oversee the payments to beneficiaries.
It is not yet certain if the assistance will continue after the five months, as this will be determined by the monitoring and evaluation results.