Geingob blames bloated administration on Apartheid

27 Feb 2017 17:10pm
WINDHOEK, 27 FEB (NAMPA) - President Hage Geingob says his administration is bloated because of the inherited civil servants structure of the Apartheid era that is being maintained in the interest of reconciliation.
Addressing his staff at the annual meeting with the Office of the President on Monday, Geingob said for the President to have advisors is nothing new.
“The way people are talking about advisors, it is like a new thing, but I am not the one who introduced it. Presidential advisors have always been part of our structure.”
Geingob said presidential advisors possess the requisite competencies to provide executive support for strategic efforts, which is not a new concept, except that his are in the interest of the youth and business; two of the most crucial sectors in Namibia’s development.
In 2015 Geingob appointed five special advisers, who served as chief executive officers before; employed eight senior civil servants at the level of permanent secretary; and created four new ministries.
He then tasked the advisors to look at the structures of civil servants in Namibia and compare it with other countries.
The advisors are now engaging with other departments to confirm what has been done in the 2016/17 financial year and to inform the public of what is expected at the start of the 2017/18 financial year that starts in April.
Geingob said the Presidency has been tasked with bringing about shared prosperity in Namibia, which required a new approach and organisational change, hence the creation of certain ministries such as public enterprises and poverty eradication.
“If we are to downsize now, we will end up sending many people into the streets and add to the already high number of unemployed people.”
Geingob emphasised that during the Apartheid era, black Namibians were excluded from high positions of responsibility and after independence, Government could have fired all white people but did not to consider everyone as One Namibia-One Nation.
“What we need to do now is to improve our performance and output. This year, let us defeat the naysayers with success and let us defeat them with hard work.”