House-breaking and assault a concern in Zambezi: Agas

26 Feb 2017 12:30pm
KATIMA MULILO, 26 FEB (NAMPA) – The Namibian Police would like to strengthen its cooperation with the community in Zambezi in efforts to better combat crime, the acting Regional Commander for the region, Abner Agas has said.
He told Nampa in a recent interview house-breaking and assault cases are of concern to the police.
“Crimes are happening in the community thus we would like to build that trust to come up with workable mechanisms. I believe we can then win the confidence of the public,” he said.
Agas said house-breaking is common in the region because community members leave their houses unattended when travelling.
He said people also do not make the effort to get to know their neighbours who could keep an eye on their houses.
“When you leave your house abandoned, that attracts criminals who get the opportunity to strike.”
Agas said there is a need to create awareness of such matters among the community, hence their plans to initiate an awareness campaign that could help to reduce house-breaking and other crime in the region.