Evacuation looming for flood-affected communities in Zambezi

23 Feb 2017 17:40pm
KALIMBEZA, 23 FEB (NAMPA) - More than 3 500 people could face evacuation in the Kabbe North and Kabbe South constituencies of the Zambezi Region if the Zambezi River continues to rise.
The two constituencies are situated east of Katima Mulilo.
Zambezi Governor, Lawrence Sampofu and Kabbe North Constituency Councillor, Peter Mwala visited the area on Wednesday to assess the flood situation.
Several homesteads have been affected, with crop fields and several houses already flooded.
Sampofu called on residents to be vigilant at all times because the rising water not only poses a danger to those in low-lying areas, but also leads to outbreaks of waterborne diseases and other dangers such as crocodiles, snakes and hippos.
“People living in flood-prone areas really have problems during floods as we have to relocate them and then take them back to their homesteads,” Sampofu said, adding that this exercise is very expensive.
The governor also called on the private sector to come on board and assist in any way possible to alleviate the needs of those affected by flooding.
“Water is life, but water also comes with challenges,” he said.
Sampofu, who is also the chairperson of the region’s disaster risk management team, told Nampa teams have been deployed in the region to monitor the situation.
Several subsistence farmers told this agency although they are thankful for the rain, they are also concerned about their crops and livestock as hundreds of hectares of fields are already submerged under water.