Neumbo disappointed by state of resettlement farms in Otjozondjupa

23 Feb 2017 07:30am
OMATJENE, 23 FEB (NAMPA) - Otjozondjupa Regional Council chairperson, Julius Neumbo on Wednesday expressed disappointment at the state of some government resettlement farms in the region.
Neumbo said poor materials are used to fence off the farms or some parts are not fenced at all. Dams and boreholes are damaged and severe overgrazing is visible on the farms.
He was speaking at a meeting on Wednesday organised by the Ministry of Land Reform at the Omatjene Agricultural Research Centre situated about 25 kilometres south of Otjiwarongo.
The week-long meeting is aimed at capacitating 25 farmers recently resettled on farming units in the Otjozondjupa, //Kharas and Hardap regions.
Neumbo urged the farmers to change their farming methods from communal to commercial, to create employment, produce food and take care of the government farms.
“In 2015, I undertook a familiarisation visit to some resettlement farms in Otjozondjupa and I was very disappointed at what most of the farms looked like, they were in a bad state,” said Neumbo.
He said cattle herders on the farms also complained that they were not paid on time.
Neumbo asked the resettled farmers to repair the broken fences and pay their employees on time.
Minister of Land Reform, Utoni Nujoma was also present at the meeting and concurred with Neumbo on the bad state of some government resettlement farms.
“We resettled you on those farms for 99 years and you still want government to come and fix the fences and gates. This dependency syndrome must come to an end,” said Nujoma.
Speaking on behalf of the farmers, Lilia Shaningwa said it is a privilege to be resettled through the government’s programme.
“With this training and this new group of resettled farmers, things will change,” she said.