Leaked exam papers are fake: Namwandi

15 Oct 2013 18:40pm
WINDHOEK, 15 OCT (NAMPA) – The 2013 Grade 10 and 12 examination papers found in the possession of two suspects last Sunday afternoon are fake, the Minister of Education has confirmed.
Dr David Namwandi informed Parliament on Tuesday that his ministry was alerted last Sunday afternoon by the City Police about something which could resemble an exam scam after they nabbed two suspects who were found selling 2013 Grade 10 and 12 examination papers.
The subject papers which were alleged to have been sold are History Ordinary Level Paper 1 and 2 - the subject was written on 24 September 2013; Biology Ordinary Level Papers 1, 2 and 3 of which the exam took place on 27 September 2013, Mathematics Paper 3 which is to be written on 18 October 2013, as well as Development Studies Ordinary Level Papers 1,2 and 3 to be written on 24 and 25 October 2013.
“The above subjects were immediately assessed and evaluated by expert subject specialists in the ministry through comparing the question papers that were discovered with the live question papers for 2013,” the minister explained.
He said the verification revealed that the question papers of all four subjects were sourced from old examination question papers normally given out after examinations have been written and which become part of school paper banks for revision.
The papers, Namwandi said, are normally also kept at resource centres, at schools or in individual hands.
The same papers are also used to help learners and teachers in teaching and learning, in revision work as well as preparing for upcoming examinations.
“Therefore on this basis, it is concluded that the question papers in question are fake papers that do not form part of the 2013 examination arrangement,” Namwandi confirmed.
He said it is the work of “unscrupulous elements” in society who have agendas to tarnish the image of Government, the ministry and the education system by defrauding and cheating desperate and innocent Namibians through their love for money.
The minister praised the City Police for always being alert, and apprehending the suspects who are now in jail until the verification process is done.
“I want to stress that both the seller as well as the buyer of any examination material are equally guilty, and if apprehended they will both face the full wrath of the law,” the minister warned.
Namwandi indicated that since a similar incident in 2012, his ministry has tightened its grip on its examination security, processes, modalities and procedures.
The leakage of the question papers took place in October 2012 when the Grades 10 and 12 learners were preparing to take their examination. The papers for Development Studies, Biology, English and Agriculture were allegedly leaked by a former employee of the Namibia Institute for Education Development (NIED), Prisca Manga Wakumelo.
Twenty-three high school learners in the Caprivi Region, who were recipients of the leaked examination question and answer papers, had their 2012 final year examination results nullified, and had been banned from sitting for the national examination for a period of one year.